Birthday Party Entertainment Melbourne

The best place to start when planning a Birthday party is to consider the guest of honour, and their particular tastes. As you begin to look for Birthday Party Entertainment,  begin with what you know and expand out from there. What’s their favourite colour? Is there a colour they really dislike that you should stay away from? Have you thought about planning a theme around their favourite foods, movies, or  a destination they love?  You can co-ordinate place settings and all the decorations to the match their favourite colour or theme. Making invitations to announce the big day and invite all the guests is an important piece of the puzzle. A good Birthday party  invitation can be creative, give relevant information such as the wheres and when’s, and will also let the guests know what to expect when they arrive. More detailed instructions like dress code, chosen theme or just a reminder to keep the party a secret may also be included in the invitation.

Birthday Party Entertainment Melbourne

Birthday Party Entertainment Melbourne

Whether the Birthday Party Entertainment is to be a small afternoon tea, or a larger event to be held at a home or venue, here are some Birthday Party Entertainment ideas  to help you choose a theme:

  • A colour – collect supplies, flowers, decorations (cups, plates, banners) all in the same colour scheme. Mix it up just a little to break up the monotony of a sea of the same colour.
  • TV shows/Movies – their favourite movie could give you the perfect inspiration for some fantastic costume ideas. Perhaps the guests will all arrive decked out as the cast of the Birthday Party boy or girl’s favourite show or movie. How cool would that be? Games are easily incorporated, such as trivia games, scavenger hunts, all for themed prizes
  • Magical locations. Are there any special holidays or places they have visited or are on the bucket list?  – Maybe a Paris theme, Las Vegas, Mardi Gras or just a seaside party. Taking the memory from a fantastic trip and bringing it to life will definitely be appreciated. How many people get to share their vacations with all of their friends and family?

Items to stay away from when planning:

  1. Disliked, or allergies to certain foods
  2. YOUR ideas of what the party should be – remember its about them not you (unless of course your paying in which case indulge yourself as well!)
  3. If the Birthday Party person is shy then avoid interactive Birthday Party Entertainment or too much fuss. It just won’t be appreciated.
  4. What will the weather be like on the day? – Have a backup plan for any changes.
  5. Going overboard and blowing your budget. Unless you think they are totally worth it.

Planning a Glamorous Birthday Party?

Maybe you’d like your party to be a black tie affair and a professionally organised party. Have you considered a Murder Mystery night? These types of parties can cater to all ages, with roles for each guest attending and something to get your guests involved in are always a good Birthday Party ideas for Melbourne . The trend in Birthday party entertainment is moving more towards experiential entertainment. Maybe you are looking for a little more glamour? How about a fabulous Casino Night, reminiscent of Monte Carlo. You have the option of hiring professional casino  dealers, with a variety of games such as black jack, roulette, and other gambling tables for prizes. A Casino Night theme can definitely be Black Tie, and to make it more family friendly, offer non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks appropriate to your guest list. You can get most of your cheap decorations in one place from Parties In Packages – they offers a ton of cheap, fun supplies, with free shipping in Australia. Many people have never experienced this type of entertainment  and its a great excuse to dress to the nines.

Birthday Party Entertainment Melbourne

Common Mistakes and Problems When Birthday Party Planning:

  • Failure to stay within your budget may make the whole  party a little too stressful.
  • Worrying over every detail, so plan carefully.
  • Make sure you have a backup plan (or two!) for when things go wrong, which they inevitably will.
  • Being unprepared, such as a lack in parking spots, not enough food/prizes to go around, having rain destroy your hard work and upset your guests.
  • Another common mistake is to not introduce everyone!  Having everyone introduced helps make the party flow and avoids awkward silences. We are not suggesting you “announce” everyone like they did at the grand balls in the olden days but just ensure that you mix people with someone knew with a quick introduction

Finally – How to Pull it all off without a hitch

Final wrap up of advice. Make sure to give everyone involved plenty of time to prepare by sending out invitations in plenty of time. Once you have chosen your preferred suppliers you’ll need them confirmed (book early) , and make sure to alert any neighbors (if you are hosting it at home) about the possibility of noisy guests. If the theme is a costume party, guests need a little extra time to pull together their outfit! If this is to be an interactive type of party, let your guests know the theme and the entertainment – unless you prefer to keep them guessing and surprise them on the night. Finally remembering to keep the guest of honor happy, and entertained is your number one priority; keep their wants and needs in mind, it is their big day after all!