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Roulette Table Hire Perth

History of Roulette Before diving into why you should go for a roulette table hire in Perth, it’s important to know the history of the amazing casino game. The most popular theory behind the origin of Roulette is that is was invented in 1655 by French scientist Blaise Pascal. The earliest documented evidence of the game was in the 18th… Read more →

How To Host An Office Christmas Party In Melbourne

Hosting an office Christmas party is important for company morale, to recognize and thank your employees, and maintain team dynamic. office Christmas party bring people together allowing you to end the year on a positive note!  There is no better way to thank your employees than having someone dressed up like Santa handing out candy canes and playing joyful music! Planning… Read more →

Seven great ideas for a 40th birthday party!

Trying to think of the perfect way to celebrate a major milestone birthday?  It might be yours, your partner’s, your parents, your best friend’s… whatever it might be, we could all use a little inspiration!  Here are some great inspiration for 40th birthday party ideas that are sure to be a hit. 1. Casino party OK full disclosure – we’re biased… Read more →

Event Enhancement

Our good friends at Applause Entertainment provide some great tips for enhancing your events and balancing active and passive entertainment in this guest blog. One of the biggest, and first issues that come to mind when organizing and managing and event, is to think about the guests – who is attending, and what do we want out of the event, for… Read more →

Top 10 catering tips

Peter Hayton offers his Top 10 tips to help you find a caterer or catering company in Melbourne that will meet and exceed your expectations. Peter works in the catering industry in Melbourne, a city with an international reputation for the best in cuisine. Naturally, Melburnians are demanding so Melbourne catering companies have to be on the ball, and able… Read more →

Event managers

Hiring an event manager

Events leave a lasting impression in attendees’ minds, well after they’ve gone home. Exceptional trade shows, meetings, conferences, promotional events, fundraising events, bridal events, product launches and weddings can easily boost a host or organiser’s reputation. On the flip side, an event that’s poorly planned and executed can leave a sour taste that may affect people’s future interaction with the… Read more →

A history of two-up on Anzac Day

The 25th of April was officially announced as Anzac Day in 1916 to mark the anniversary of the Gallipoli, the first military action fought by New Zealand and Australian forces during the First World War that led to major casualties. Australians mark the occasion in many ways, including dawn services, “gunfire” breakfasts and sporting contests. One of the other ways… Read more →

Great customer service: why we focus on it

IT’S THE CUSTOMER – STUPID!* (*to borrow from the famous Clinton election line) No the customer is not stupid, the stupid person is the business owner that doesn’t focus on their actual customer or potential customer. One of the biggest lessons that I learned (way before I ever thought that I would run my own business) was that the customer was… Read more →


Casino Party Review

Casino party review – delivering for our clients, even when things don’t go to plan It’s Monday morning and I felt compelled to write a quick blog about what our casino party company experienced this weekend – and more to the point, what the guests at our events experienced! We had three events booked in Perth, Western Australia on Saturday… Read more →

Regional casino events

We love regional events!

It’s been a pretty good few weeks in the Blackjack Nights offices – that’s because in addition to our regular work in the metro areas of Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we’ve had the opportunity to jump in the van and visit a whole range of regional locations. In the past month alone we’ve been to football club fundraisers in… Read more →