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Blackjack Nights offers Casino Equipment hire in Melbourne,Brisbane,Perth,Adelaide and Sunshine coast. We offer casino grade, high quality casino equipment hiring service at an affordable rate.

 Why choose Blackjack Nights for Casino Equipment Hire?

Some of our customers were initially referred to other companies or decided to go with the cheapest alternative when planning their special event. What they found was that there is a HUGE difference between Blackjack Nights and other companies.

“We decided to save a couple hundred dollars and worked with another company in Australia. It was a disaster….the guys showed up late for the event and when they showed up the equipment they brought was so inferior. It was almost like casino tables built on top off plastic fold out tables. It just didn’t create the same atmosphere and environment that we wanted at our special event. The next year we found Blackjack Nights and we have continued to use them ever since. Great people and the quality of the casino tables and equipment makes you feel like you are in a real Casino. We will never make that mistake again…”
Barbara B., Adelaide

Other Companies’ Cheap Casino Equipment

High Quality Casino Equipment Hire at Blackjack Nights

Making sure your special event creates the right environment for all of your guests is critical to our success. We know from experience that investing in top of the line casino equipment and people is the difference between an average party and a GREAT party. Take a look at some of the differences in casino equipment between what Blackjack Nights has and what other companies in Australia are currently bringing to your party. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

We do not use cheap imported trestle style poker table that you can purchase for under $100 at most poker suppliers. YOU CAN SPOT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR CUSTOM MADE POKER TABLES AND THE $150 CHEAP IMPORTED TABLES.

Blackjack Nights’ Casino Equipment

Roulette Table

Roulette Table Hire

Roulette is a great game for any occasion. It’s a very easy game to play and simple for all your guests to understand. It also helps create an electrifying atmosphere at your event, with most action taking place around the roulette table. The wide range of possible bet types and community participation involved in Roulette ensure that there’s something fun for every party-goer.

Our ful.010l 0size roulette tables are the best in Australia as we do not compromise on quality. We do not use “double tables” with 1 wheel and 2 trestle tables, our tables are all full size ex-casino stock. The roulette wheels are all single zero, which is the French version of the game. Make sure if you want a roulette table hire that you don’t get the American version with the double zero.

Our Roulette tables and wheels are genuine, full size official casino grade tables. We do not hire trestle table style imitation with metal folding legs like many of our local competitors that offer an inferior product and experience for less money. Table hire comes complete with:

  • Full size (2.9M) roulette table fully assembled.
  • Full Size Roulette Wheel – Full 82 cm roulette wheel (Casino weight and size).
  • Roulette ball – Our balls are made of Ivory Teflon – Casino grade.
  • Roulette Wheel checks/chips- with multiple guests playing at the roulette table, each player is given a different color of chip that identifies their individual bets.
  • Croupiers – Our Professional roulette dealers offer the highest standard of skill and fun to help your guests’ participation at the roulette tables. Dressed in white shirt, black pants and bow tie. The look you would find in any high roller casino.
  • Roulette Marker/Dolly – A marker placed to indicate the winning number on the last spin.

Blackjack Table Hire

Blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos all around the world. It’s a fantastic way to entertain your guests for any function. The game is easy to play (count up to 21) and simple to understand. It also helps create the perfect atmosphere at your next event.

Unlike some of our competitors, our blackjack tables are genuine full size tables complete with brass foot-rails, casino chip trays (floats) and all casino grade accessories. (We do not use imported cheap Blackjack tables that can be purchased for $300, and which don’t create the same type of casino night experience.) Table hire comes complete with:

  • Blackjack Cards – 6 decks shoe (card holder) and Blackjack cards.
  • Cut Card – A plastic card inserted into a new set of shuffled decks to indicate that the cards need to be re-shuffled.
  • Blackjack Chips – Casino quality playing chips with various denominations.
  • Discard Holder – Brass discard holder to collect the used playing cards
  • Croupiers – Our professional croupiers offer the highest standard of fun to help your guests’ participation at the Blackjack tables. Dressed in white shirt, black pants and bow tie. The look you would find in any high roller casino.

Poker Table Hire

Our poker tables are THE best quality equipment in all of Australia. They are the same quality as used in real casinos. They have the finest felt layouts, dealer chip trays and elegant leather cushion rails.

Hire the table and croupier for any type of event from a James Bond casino themed party to Christmas functions and team building nights. These tables and the entire casino night party experience is available for hire in Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and also Adelaide, South Australia.

We offer a winning combination of lessons, laughs and luck. Your professional poker dealer will guide you through the do’s and don’ts, and as there is no money at stake (just your reputation as a cool customer), everyone can relax and concentrate on bluffing their way to the last hand.

Not anyone can deal poker and even fewer can deal it well. We only use the best poker dealers at our events. Table hire comes complete with:

  • Full size poker table with built in chip rack and rail padding.
  • Croupiers – Our Professional poker dealers offer the highest standard of skills and fun to help your guests’ participation at the poker tables. Dressed in white shirt, black pants and bow tie. The look you would find in any high roller casino.
  • Poker Chips – Casino quality playing chips with various denominations.
  • Poker dealer chair supplied.
  • Poker Accessories – Full size Dealer button.
  • Poker Cards – We only use top quality Copag playing cards at all our events. Poker sized Jumbo index playing cards these cards are 100% Plastic – durable, washable and extremely long lasting.

Big Wheel Hire

The Big Wheel is also called the wheel of fortune, the Chocolate wheel, the Money wheel, or the Spinning wheel. The big wheel has 52 slots/sections representing six groups of the six main betting odds. The number of slots in each group is proportional to the odds they offer (the higher the odds the fewer the slots). The object of the game is to guess in which group slot on the money wheel the indicator will point to when the wheel stops following the spin.

Playing the big wheel (Wheel of fortune) is very simple and no special skills are required. Simply place a bet before the big wheel is spun. The dealer grabs one side of the big wheel and spins the wheel with a strong pull in a downward action. The big wheel then makes a few turns and slowly grinds to a stop. The number that is marked with an indicator points to when the big wheel stops is the winning number. You may bet on one or as many numbers as you like.

Below are the groups division and number of slots in each group, the odds, payoffs and house edge for both.

Australian Money Wheel Slots, Odds and Payoffs
52 slots in total:
24 slots at even, marked $1 pays 1 to 1
12 slots at 3:1, marked $3 pays 3 to 1
8 slots at 5:1, marked $5 pays 5 to 1
4 slots at 11:1, marked $11 pays 11 to 1
2 slots at 23:1, marked $23 pays 23 to 1
2 slots; one Joker and one Logo at 47:1 each, pays 47 to 1

House advantage (Australian money wheel)
Even bet: 7.69%
3:1 bet: 7.69%
5:1 bet: 7.69%
11:1 bet: 7.69%
23:1 bet: 7.69%
Joker or Logo, 47:1 bet: 7.69%

Looking to Casino Equipment Hire for TV or film production?

Our genuine tables also make fantastic film props – they are the highest quality, and have been used in a variety of casino themed productions and publications including Underbelly, Today Tonight, Penthouse and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Victorian Arts Centre.

The quality of our casino tables is second to none: they’re full size, sturdy and the real deal. We’re not the only ones that appreciate this fact. Many film production companies have hired our tables as authentic casino theme props.

If you’re looking for the real deal, you can’t go past Blackjack Nights casino fun nights for genuine casino table hire.