Casino Hire Perth


Casino Hire Perth

casino hire perthHere’s an idea for your next event- in the high stakes world of corporate business, why not give your attendees a chance to gamble with more fun and less stress? Even if your event isn’t for the movers and shakers of the financial sector, being able to have one night in your betting event can be great. A casino hire in Perth can offer your attendees a chance to win big and lose bigger, but instead of leaving empty handed they’ll be left with great memories instead.

Why A Casino Hire Perth?

casino hire perthA casino hire is an event that features the atmosphere and items of a full casino experience. You have tables for poker, blackjack, and craps, and a roulette wheel to spin on. You also have employees dressed in their fanciest and most professional casino attire to run the events. The great part about casino hire events is that it can really replicate the glitz and glamour of a million-dollar gambling retreat, but with a more forgiving atmosphere. At these events you can get chips and bet as long as you like, but unlike the real deal your attendees don’t have to worry about losing their pay check. Instead, while you can raise excitement with bets and calls, there is no long term damage and loss after the party is over. This delivers the fun of gambling without the major financial drawbacks, and it’s easier for your attendees to laugh about their stroke of bad luck.

Casino Hire -All-Age Appropriate Entertainment

While there are laws limiting who can actually gamble, the fun behind a casino hire is in the lack of actual gambling. Since real money isn’t on the line, such an event can be fun (and legal) for all ages. No need to worry about overly adult themes or anything offensive. Instead, you get a magical night of lights and luxury that everyone can appreciate and get lost in. Casino Hire is Active not Passive

Most events are designed to only be seen. There may be balloons floating around and centrepieces left to adorn the tables at these types. But past a nice look (or even a nice sound), there isn’t much to actually do. It’s passive entertainment in that you take it all in.

An active event is one where you are not only witnessing the action, but you take part in it. You can interact with the other guests while playing the games dotting the room, and you have a real thrill of winning- or losing- your fake money.

As an event planner, you don’t just want to give your attendees things to look at as they focus back on their discussions, you want to make the discussions. Giving people a roulette wheel to bet the last of their chips on diverts their attention back to your creation, and builds a memory unique to your event.

Perth Gambling

Gambling is a popular activity in Perth just as it’s popular in Australia as a whole. Playing the pokies and trying to win a fortune overnight are popular pastimes, with reports of 70-80% of the Australian population engaging in gambling each year. Being recognized as a celebrated tradition, Australia (unlike many other places) has promoted gambling amongst its citizens and people have a great time because of it.

But the fact is that actual high-stakes gambling can be a slippery slope. Many people can get into trouble when they bet too much, and their families can suffer from that loss of income. Other people need help dealing with their gambling addictions.

That’s where casino hires enter. It still provides the rush that paid gambling has, but it’s a lot easier on the wallet which can be better for everyone. Your attendees will still feel the ecstasy of a winning streak and the stinging defeat of a roll of a bust, but it’s all good fun. No one has to worry about whether someone is “betting too much” or whether their gambling might exacerbate their addiction. Instead, everyone can indulge in a flip of some cards, a roll of some dice, or a drop of the chips. Your attendees’ eyes will be glued to the action and they’ll all gasp and cry out happily when they hit that big win. They’ll talk excitedly about the money they’ve won, and sadly about the money they’ve lost, without real money needing to change hands. Most of all, they’ll talk afterwards about the fun and amazing night you prepared for everyone.

But we understand that setting up a casino hire, especially if it’s your first, can be difficult. So, if you need any help at all, you can bet that we’ll be here for you with advice that lets your event win big.

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