Casino hire


Casino hire

Get your party started, going and ending with a bang.

Most people looking for some party entertainment want something that will cover off five major needs:

  • Be entertaining for everyone
  • Be fun and exciting
  • Keep everyone amused
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Be memorable long after the actual day

One of the most popular and enduring ways to cover all these things with just one entertainment solution is casino hire, croupiers and have a full-blown casino night.

”What an excellent night the party was buzzing from start the tables looked amazing the staff where great and everyone really enjoyed it great way to make a night that everyone remembers.” Unknown Userstars

Tracy, birthday party, Jul 2014

Fun and exciting

The allure of the casino hire has always been irresistible, but let’s be honest there is not a lot of fun in losing real money. Winning is great but losing isn’t – and the casinos have a built in house advantage that ensures that they always win eventually! But a casino hire eliminates all the downside of losing real money, by using fun money. It gives you and your guests a shot at all the thrills, excitement and anticipation you get at a real casino as they bet a fortune on the spin of the wheel, the turn of a card or push “all-in” on the poker table.

Entertaining for everyone

casino hireAustralians love a gamble, it’s in our heritage – but what’s even better is to gamble without ever going broke with the casino hire. Choosing entertainment for a group of people can be tricky. You want something that just about everyone can participate in. Maybe your guest list has people from a large range from 18 to 60+ and not everyone knows each other. If you choose our casino hire we guarantee everyone gets involved. Our staff are experts at teaching novices how to play, while still allowing the blackjack experts to show off their skills.

Keeping everyone amused

A well-run casino night will have all your guests engaged in the tables throughout the night. Many of our clients build their whole night around the tables, while others are happy just to have a bit of side entertainment to keep the party ticking over. Our signature event structure of a tournament with an exciting grand final conclusion ensures that everybody is included. In fact, ours is the only casino where you NEVER go broke! So whenever there is a spot at the tables your guests can continue to play and join in the fun.

Make it as interactive as possible

Now there are many different ways to run a casino night (we have done almost 4,000 of them so we know). But in our experience having a structure and an outcome (like a grand final playoff) is the best way of getting the biggest bang for your bucks, and also ensuring maximum engagement at the tables. If you give your guests a reason to get involved, and the promise of some friendly competition, they’ll enjoy it all the more. Without it, they are just pushing plastic chips back and forth across the table. So if you are serious about your casino hire then double check with your supplier about how they run their events. It’s the critical aspect that you want to get it right: remember it’s an interactive form of entertainment, not passive like a singer or a DJ.

Making it memorable

Your party entertainment needs to be memorable. Something that your guests talk about days, weeks or even months afterwards. So when you are deciding, think about what is the biggest bang for your bucks and what will be memorable We’ve even had clients tell us 4-5 years later how good their casino party was.

How do we make it memorable? It’s the little touches that we provide that make Blackjack Nights clients feel special. From day one we have always provided customised fun money, a customised trophy for the winner and our signature high rollers grand final. We ensure the casino finishes on a high with a winner and a celebration – rather than just fizzling out.

So if you feel that a casino night could be a great solution to your entertainment needs then CONTACT US to find out how we can assist you in making your event memorable.