Casino Night Fundraiser

Casino Night Fundraiser Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane: a fresh, exciting and proven alternative to traditional fundraising

You’ve tried the trivia nights and the chocolate drives. Now here’s a casino night fundraiser that will leave your guests talking for months about your best ever fundraiser. Whether it’s a primary school, secondary school or even a footy club fundraiser, a casino night fundraiser is easy with Blackjack Nights. Our professional staff handles the whole casino experience for you so you can enjoy a stress free, relaxed casino night fundraiser without the worry of whether everything will run smoothly.

Whether it’s for a school, sports club, charity or other organisation, there’s a lot involved in running a successful fundraiser. Above all else, you need to find something that will capture people’s attention, get them interested in participating, and give you the maximum opportunity to raise profits.

A casino night fundraiser ticks all the boxes! All of your guests can get involved and participate in a casino night, regardless of whether they’re casino regulars or first time players – anyone can learn to play blackjack or roulette in minutes at a Blackjack Nights fundraiser. And because all the games are played for fun money, your guests get to donate their funds directly to you!

What past customers have said…

“Wow!!! What can I say, these guys were amazing. So easy to deal with from the start to the finish. Couldn’t do enough to help both with the organisation leading up to our fundraiser through to the actual evening. Everyone was raving about the tables and the dealers especially those that came along with the ‘I’m not a gambler’ personality. Thank you so much to everyone at Blackjack Knights I will certainly call on you again. You put the FUN back into Fundraising :-)”
Liza Curtis

Flexible entertainment that’s sure to be a hit

Another great thing about a casino night fundraiser is its flexibility. With our tournament format, your guests are free to play the games as well as engage in a whole range of other fundraising activities on the night. A casino night is a free-flowing event that leaves ample opportunity for socialising, as well as participating in live or silent auctions, raffles and other fundraising or social activities.

It’s also something new and different, a change from the dinner dances or trivia nights that may be getting a bit stale with your audience. Combine a casino night with a fun theme, like Casino Royale, Vegas or 1920s gangsters, and you’ll have a sure-fire hit on your hands!

While we won’t pretend that we can make the entire process easy for you (ticket sales are always a challenge), we can certainly help to streamline and take some of the pressure off you. If a casino night is not quite what you’re after then get some further inspiration from the fundraising directory.

Organising the casino Night Fundraiser is a breeze

Just a few phone calls or emails will have everything set up. We customise the fun money for you by printing a custom image and text on each note. We provide the winner’s trophy. And we can even help with invites. Our expert staff will run the casino for you on the night to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone has a great time.

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Tips for a successful fundraising Event – (Establishing and Realising your Financial Goal)

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There are 5 key areas to address when planning casino night fundraisers:

  1. Goal – Decide on how much money you’d like to raise from the event, and keep it realistic.
  2. Revenue – Maximise your fundraising potential by ensuring each of the following areas is covered off: ticket sales, table sponsorship, food & drink sales, auctions and additional ‘buy-in’ purchases.
  3. Expenses – Try to keep these to a minimum and factor in such expenses as: facility costs, decorations/props, equipment rental & dealers, food & beverage costs, insurance, security, clean up.
  4. Determine ticket price – This can be done by estimating your net profit, deducting expenses and then dividing by the expected number of guests/tickets sold.
  5. “It will be all right on the night if…” – here are some things to keep in mind before the event:
  • Set up early at the facility
  • Have change available at the ‘cash desk’
  • Have additional ‘buy-in’ and drink tickets at the cash desk
  • Have a public address system on hand to announce prizes etc.
  • Have sponsor signs in place on all tables
  • Number tables
  • Post signs prominently indicating chip denominations
  • Post information about buying more play money
  • Clearly indicate location of cash desk
  • Have change or drink tickets available at the bar/s
  • Designate all tasks ahead of time
  • Keep thorough notes for your next event – the second time is always easier

Tips for additional fundraising on your casino night

We understand that the key to a successful casino night fundraiser event is raising funds. So here are a few ideas to help maximise profits:

  • Find sponsors for your fundraising casino night
  • Organize a way to return any opened drinks
  • Allow guests to buy back in if they run out of chips
  • Run a raffle on the night

Football Club Fundraiser Grand Final

Watch the dramatic conclusion of this football club fundraiser. It’s one of the main reasons we suggest having a grand final. The guys are a little rowdy but they are enjoying the action.

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