Casino Party Review


Casino Party Review

Casino party review – delivering for our clients, even when things don’t go to plan

It’s Monday morning and I felt compelled to write a quick blog about what our casino party company experienced this weekend – and more to the point, what the guests at our events experienced!

We had three events booked in Perth, Western Australia on Saturday 11th October. All events were in different locations and as always there was a fair amount of planning to co-ordinate all this. All our casino parties are full-service events, at which we provide customised fun money as well as a trophy with an inscription that the client has chosen. As a result, its always a little more complicated than just turning up on the night – plenty of work goes into getting the planning right. We also liase with all our customers and ensure that the set up times and start times work in with their plans for the evening. So there is quite a lot of time put in weeks in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what is happing. After all you don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan! It’s much more complicated than just arriving with a casino table or two and starting the gaming.

So it was a little unfortunate when we got a call at 3.00pm on the day from one of our staff, letting us know that he’d just torn a muscle playing for his cricket team that afternoon. He’ll be OK in the long run, but it meant he wouldn’t be able to set up or deal at the fun casino table he was booked to work that night.

It’s unfortunate but these things happen, and we are always prepared to rise to a challenge! While some providers might have just given up and either had one less table at the event, or cancelled altogether, we weren’t prepared to entertain any of those options except as an absolute last resort.

Fortunately we have a large pool of staff on our books, and we’ve built up plenty of good will by paying them very good rates, treating them well and passing on the great reviews they regularly get from our clients (who often mention them by name – the name badge helps people remember).

We had less than three hours to fill this big gap so had to move fast. We immediately got our senior event manager onto the case as well as advising the business owner. We began by calling and texting all the staff on our roster. Finding a casino dealer at such short notice is not easy. Dealing blackjack or roulette is something that requires specific skills and training, after all – you can’t get just anyone to do it! The training required to be a skilled dealer is typically six full weeks, followed by another 6-12months of dealing the game week in and week out before you become truly proficient at it. So unlike a manual job or even a basic hospitality services job you can’t just get a friend or relative to pitch in and learn on the job.

After lots of calls and texts, and what seemed like an eternity to us (but was only really about 60 minutes real time) we found a dealer with the right skills who was prepared to drop everything and help us (and our client) out of a sticky situation and work the event.

Finding a dealer was just half the story though. Our event managers then had to adjust the setup arrangements and logistics for the night to ensure that everything would still run smoothly for the clients. Fortunately we were able to do this with no impact on the customers – we just had to update them that the staff who were coming would have different names to the ones they’d previously been advised.

By Sunday we already had a thank you email from one client and another had posted a thank you on Facebook. We send requests for feedback from each event but both these clients had jumped the gun and had already commented on how much they enjoyed their events.

You might be able to tell this isn’t the first time this has happened to us – such is life in the events industry! The important thing is we’ve got the resources and experience available, and we know exactly how to solve the problem. On especially busy days (such as the peak Friday/Saturday dates in December, when we can have a dozen or more events happening on one day nationwide) we even plan ahead and have staff booked “on call” as backups in case someone is sick or can’t work for any reason. Most of the time those people are getting paid just to stay home for the night, but it’s certainly a relief to have them ready to go when the worst happens – an unfortunate event that could have ruins the client’s night ends up not affecting them at all!

So once again a big thank you to all our staff who always go above and beyond to make sure our clients receive the best possible service at their events – these amazing casino nights just wouldn’t happen without you.

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