Casino party


Casino party

Perfect entertainment for every occasion!

Whatever kind of party or event you’re having – whether it’s a birthday, corporate, fundraiser or something else – you want everyone to have a good time!

Casino partyOf course, finding entertainment that works for your whole group can be a challenge. But with fun casino parties there’s an option that will appeal to everyone, and generate a buzz of fun and excitement at the same time! Let’s take a look at some of the games you can play at casino parties. And remember – when you play the games for fun money, everyone’s a winner!


Always popular, blackjack is a card game where you’re trying to get a better hand than the dealer. You start with two cards, the dealer starts with one. You then have the option to either take more cards, or stop with what you already have. The goal is to get as close to a total of 21 as you can, without going over.

Once all the players have taken their cards, the dealer starts taking cards. The dealer must keep taking cards until they get 17 or more. If they get between 17 and 21, they compare hands with the players to see who wins. And if they go over 21, the dealer busts and the players who are still in the hand win!


Another very popular game is roulette – it’s even easier to play than blackjack! There’s a spinning wheel, with numbers from 0 through 36. Zero is coloured green – half the remaining numbers are coloured red, and the other half are black. The croupier spins a ball, and the players bet on where they think it will land.

There’s a whole range of bets you can place on the roulette layout. Picking just one single number pays the most, but it’s obviously the hardest to get right too! Other bets win more often, but pay less. Players can bet on whether the number is odd or even, or red or black for example. They can bet on groups of two, three, four, six or 12 numbers. And they can place as many bets as they like (up to the table maximum) on any one spin, making it a great game for casino parties as it brings lots of fun and action!

“Used for our Uni Health Ball… couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism, skill and quality. Special thanks to Ronan and Stuart! Would highly recommend.” Testimonial Jaymie Buisstars

Jaymie, university ball, Aug 2016


Poker is a game that’s been around in various forms for a great many years. “Draw” poker was featured in a lot of Western movies, for example. But by far the most popular version today is a game known as “Texas hold ‘em”.

Whichever version you play, poker is a card game that revolves around players trying to make the best five-card “hand”. A Royal Flush is the best hand, down to not even a pair as the worst. In Texas hold ‘em, players hold just two cards in their hand – by the end of the hand, there are five more “community” cards face-up in the middle of the table, and players combine the two cards in their hand with the five in the middle to make the best hand they can.

It’s a game with lots of strategy, but it’s also great fun to just play for a short time at a party!

Big wheel

This is a game that’s similar in a lot of ways to roulette, and it’s also very visually impressive! As the name implies, there’s a “big wheel”, which the croupier spins. Players bet on what they think will be spun up. Too easy!

Unlike roulette, the big wheel generally doesn’t have numbers: most use currency notes or something similar (ours has $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 notes) plus the jackpots. Some notes are more common than others, so they don’t pay as much as the ones that are only on a few spots on the wheel.

Big wheel brings a huge amount of excitement, with players routinely cheering the wheel on as it slows down and gets close to the bets they’ve made – especially if they’re on the jackpot, which is usually the biggest payout in the room!


casino parties crap“Seven! Lucky seven!” “Snake eyes, everyone loses!”
If you’ve seen craps being played in a movie or on TV, you could easily think this is all there is to the game (and maybe having someone blow on the dice for luck!) In reality craps is a much more complicated game. It’s far and away the hardest game on this list to learn: but once you’ve got your head around it, it’s a whole heap of fun! Our croupiers are experts at easing first-time players into the game.
Craps is a game played with two dice. Players get the opportunity to be the “shooter” and roll the dice, and everyone bets on how they think the dice will land. There’s a huge number of ways you can bet on each roll, so there’s always money changing hands and multiple bets being made. It’s high action and very exciting, even if it’s a bit bewildering at first!

Casino parties are guaranteed winning entertainment!

So that’s a brief rundown on some of the most popular games to play at fun casino parties! If you’re looking for an amazing buzz in the room at your next event, contact us today using the form below. It’ll be the best party you’ve ever thrown!