When looking to entertain groups of all sizes, ages and backgrounds, it’s hard to go past casino themed parties.  They have it all: glitz and glamour, high participation rates, and a theme that everyone can get involved with and enjoy.

One of the main things that sets  casino themed parties apart from, say, a trip to an actual casino, is that the guests don’t spend real money on the tables.  Instead they play the games with “funny money”, to ensure that everything stays fun and light-hearted.

Range of casino games to choose from

The party theme ideas can include a whole range of games and everything from a Vegas themed party to a casino royale theme party.  It could be casino classics such as blackjack and roulette.  It could be Texas hold ’em poker, a game that’s become especially popular in recent years.  It could be the big wheel, which always makes a visual statement!  Or you could go for a game like craps or baccarat.  Whatever you choose, the important thing is that you go with an operator that keeps everything light and fun for your guests.

Your provider should also provide trained croupiers who know the games they’re dealing back-to-front.  Really good croupiers will wow your guests with their skills.  They’ll also be able to quickly teach all of the games to your guests, ensuring that everyone can participate.  The croupiers also take a lot of pressure off you as an organiser – with them keeping your guests entertained, you’re free to relax and enjoy the casino party yourself as well!

Versatile entertainment for all occasions

A casino themed party is very adaptable, it can be used as entertainment at a range of functions.  They’re very popular at corporate events, particularly Christmas parties.  They’re also fantastic entertainment at birthday parties, and they’re very effective as a fundraising idea too.

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