Fancy dress is a great option for your party – while the type of food and drinks available at a party play a role in determining how successful the party is, they’re not the only elements in the party equation; there is also the issue of dressing. So have you been thinking of hosting a party at your home? It could be a birthday party, Christmas, New Year or just a get-together for friends. Whichever the case, here are a few fancy dress ideas that you might find quite interesting.

Everybody knows who Harry Potter is, if you don’t, then chances are that you just landed on planet earth. Now that being said, this movie presents some very nice fancy dress party ideas. Just think about it: witches, dragons, broomsticks, magic students etc. All those who will be attending should choose the characters they would like to dress up as. Undoubtedly it’s going to be one huge freak show, but rest assured that everyone will have a grand time.

Another great fancy dress party idea is the alphabet party. It’s all quite simple really; the people who will be attending the party should choose any letter between A and Z. If, for example, a person chooses letter D then they can come to the party dressed up as a doctor, dancer or whatever else that begins with that letter. The great thing about this particular idea is that there are just so many options that exist. Just think about it; 26 letters of the alphabet each with tens of nouns to choose from. Needless to say, there won’t be any need for two people to come dressed in the same outfit.

It’s not just kids who fancy superheroes, adults too love them. It might, therefore, be a good idea to hold a party where everyone comes dressed in his or her favorite superhero’s outfit. There are just so many superheroes today, for example, Superman, batman, Wonder woman, Cat woman, Flash, Wolverine just to mention a few. To make things even more interesting, some guests may come dressed up as popular villains such as the joker, Lex Luthor, Magneto etc. Batman can then pair up with a female joker; superman with a female version of Lex etc.

If you are the freaky type, then you might find this next dress party idea quite appropriate. Get half of those who will be attending to dress up as ‘people of the light’ (nuns, priests, altar boys, angels etc) and the other half as creatures from hell i.e. the devil, demons, vampires etc. Now it is worth noting that this particular idea will only work if all your guests share your dark sense of humor. If you have friends who hold conservative religious views, then you may not want to invite them to such a party, unless you don’t mind criticism.