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Casino Parties

OUR MISSION – Helping you run amazing casino party events that your guests will be raving about for months.

With over 3,000 satisfied clients we continue to expand in Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, South Australia, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. We continue to set the industry standard for casino theme parties and we care about the success of our customers and their precious events.

We provide the highest quality casino grade equipment with friendly and professional dealers, combined with a fanatical commitment to our clients. One of the the reasons we’ve been so successful is we are 100% committed to making sure you have a great experience with our unique and memorable casino events that will fully engage and entertain your guests.

Throughout our website, you’ll see actual photos of customers, equipment and events. We don’t use “stock photos” of staged or imaginary events because with over 3,000 successful events, we have a library full of the real thing. There are many reasons why people continue to choose Blackjack Nights over and over again.

We come highly recommended by top hotels, event planners, and our many repeat clients throughout Australia. Our clients have high expectations and we love meeting and exceeding their dreams and vision. Our attention to detail and our commitment to our clients sets us apart from all others. But most important of all, we love seeing and hearing the excitement filling the air.

Hearing your guests squeal with delight with the roll of the dice or the turn of a card at our various casino gaming tables is what we thrive on. For our staff this is more than just a job – running casino events is what we genuinely love to do. We’re committed to bringing that same passion and excitement to your event.

It’s a fact that we have the most wonderful clients with excellent and discerning taste – and it’s by living up to their expectations that we’ve developed a reputation for providing the best possible casino event experience.


Ronan, our company owner and director, has decades of experience in casino entertainment. He’s worked casino tables around the world, including on some of the world’s most prestigious cruise ships.

When one of the ships he was working on had to be evacuated off the coast of South Africa, Ronan decided it might be time to set up on dry land! Fun casinos offered a perfect opportunity: applying skills learned at the casino tables and giving people the thrill of playing their favourite casino games without having to worry about losing real money!

Ronan bought his first set of tables from Crown casino in 20XX, refurbished them and the rest, as they say, is history.


Now we have about a hundred croupiers working for us across four states including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth. All with a passion for entertaining crowds of all shapes and sizes and the great customer service that’s our hallmark.

These dealers and croupiers are supported by multiple event managers with years of experience in the industry. It all combines to offer you a party that’s guaranteed to be memorable, easy to organise, and heaps of fun for everyone that attends.

Quite simply, we became the biggest fun casino party company in Australia by being the best at our job – and that’s a good thing for your party!


Ronan has a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry beginning with a long stint on the world’s most prestigious luxury cruise ships including the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. These years saw him manning the casino tables on ocean liners from Europe to Australia, which really fed his passion for travel.

During this time, Ronan identified an opportunity within the Australian entertainment industry. In particular, he noted the lack of high quality, professional casino entertainment available for private or corporate entertainment. It also didn’t help that the cruise ship he was working on – the Oceanos – began to sink after being damaged during a storm off the coast off South Africa. Thinking that this might be a good time for a career move, the idea for Blackjack Knights began and Ronan was soon building his own business in Australia.

Experienced as he is, Ronan knows that there is a lot more involved than simply dealing cards across a Blackjack table or spinning a roulette wheel. Fun and entertainment is definitely the order of the day for any fun casino party and this is something that Blackjack Knights provides in abundance. As for Ronan, when he’s not working fun casinos or re-enacting The Poseidon Adventure, he likes to play poker and drink red wine – but not necessarily at the same time.

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