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About your Event

How many tables will I need for my event?

This is determined largely by the number of guests you’re expecting to come along to the event. We’ll customise a quote for you based on your expected guest numbers (with options to scale up or down if required, if your numbers aren’t set yet).

In general though, we recommend one table for about every 25-30 people you have attending. So if you’ve for 50 people coming, we’d recommend going with two tables.

How much fun money does each person get, and how long can they play for?

We give everyone a $2000 note (which has been customised with an image of your choice) at the start of the night that they can use to exchange for chips at the tables.

Each game goes for seven hands or seven spins – at the end of that time, the croupiers take back all the chips and write down the scores of the biggest winners. The biggest winners throughout the night are tracked on the leader board, and are asked to come back at the end to play off in the grand final game.

At the end of each game, the players all get their $2000 note back too. They can use it again and again to play as many times as they like: effectively, they’ll never go broke in our casino!

I’m organising a fundraiser – can we use the tournament format to raise additional funds?

Absolutely! For a fundraiser, we can change the format slightly so that each $2000 fun money note is good for just one game. If people want to play another game, they can make a real-money donation to get more fun money notes. Easy! Just please ensure that your event still complies with all regulations in your area.

Can we customise the event format?

Sure. We’ve very flexible, and we can design an event that’s tailor-made to your needs. In the past we’ve run events that are team-based, auction styled, feature free play, cumulative scores… if you’ve got something in mind, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

Can we have the event outdoors?

This is up to the weather as much as anything else – as long as the tables will be set up somewhere that is protected from the weather, and there’s a contingency plan for poor weather, then the answer is generally yes.

Keep in mind though that even on a “good” day, playing casino games outdoors can be problematic. Even a light breeze can blow cards away, for example, and lighting can be an issue for evening events too. We also need solid, level ground to set the tables up on.

If you’re keen on an outdoor-feeling event but are looking for a happy medium, we’ve run many successful events in the past in marquees (fully or partially enclosed), on terraces and in venues with indoor/outdoor spaces.

Can we play for real money?

Sorry, but for legal (and various other) reasons all play at the tables is for fun money only!

However with our casino events no money is won or lost, making a fun casino the ideal way to experience professional gaming in a relaxed and less intimidating environment.

The roulette wheel and Blackjack, poker and craps tables are used purely for entertainment purposes. No money is EVER wagered at any of our events. This ensures that it is a fun and interactive entertainment solution. “It’s a win-win situation” – as you can bet to beat the bank for free.

Rest assured, even though it’s “play” money, we’re consistently told by our customers that the whole event is great fun for everyone concerned.

Can I customise the “fun money”?

Yes. Many of our clients have a great deal of fun coming up with unique slogans and pictures to put on their funny money. All you have to do is provide us with a high resolution image you’d like on your funny money; (for example: someone’s head, company logo, funny picture, etc.). We then work with a graphic designer and a professional printer to come up with the best result possible. This is all included in your personalised casino night quote.

How will I know what my event requires?

From private parties to large conferences, everyone’s needs are different. We’ll tell you exactly what you require based on the number of guests, your location, competing entertainment that you may have scheduled, and also budget. Free on-site consultations are also available if necessary. This allows us to do a venue walk-through to ensure that your exact requirements are understood and more importantly – met. Regardless of whether your event is a private function such as a birthday party or anniversary, or a corporate team building exercise, we can provide professional advice on how to put it all together.

What do we play with?

Each guest is given a pre-determined amount of “fun money” to be redeemed at the table for chips. Just like a real casino this is then exchanged at the table for chips to play with.

Where can I hold my Blackjack Nights Casino Party?

We have a long list of venues where our clients choose to host their events. It could be a hotel, a convention centre, a bar, a unique venue, or even your own home.

About Blackjack Nights

How big are the tables?

We use full-size casino tables with genuine accessories. The actual amount of space they take up varies by game, but including room for the players we suggest allowing the following:
Blackjack: 2m x 2m
Big wheel: 2.5m x 2m
Roulette / poker / craps: 3m x 2m
Our tables come apart for transport and are assembled inside the event space. All the individual pieces will fit through a standard-size door.

Why a $2000 note?

Good question! We adopted a similar colour scheme to the real Australian $20 note, so in some ways you can just think if it as the $20 note’s great-granddaddy.

Our expert gambleologists have also deduced that $2000 is a perfect amount to play seven hands or spins with – it gives cautious players enough to bet at least a few hundred on each hand, and the crazy gamblers enough to run up a big score if they want to be brave and bet it all on the first hand!

Why seven hands instead of unlimited play?

The first thing we’d note is that play is effectively unlimited, since everyone gets their note back and gets to play again at the end of each game. But the reason we recommend seven-hand games is it keeps the event moving and ensures everyone is able to participate.

Since each game is relatively short (about 10-15 minutes), we’re able to turn tables and players over fairly quickly and everyone gets to have multiple turns. People who only want to have a quick go are able to, and those who really want to get their gamble on can just play multiple games.

Using this format also helps us entertain more people with less tables – two tables is fine for 40 people, for example, because nobody has to wait very long for a game!

What equipment do you use?

We only supply full-size genuine casino quality tables and associated equipment (beware of cheap imitations with trestle style table tops and cheap imported tables) as well as real croupiers at all our events. Our casino events are of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on delivering only the best.

What experience do you have?

Our Director Ronan Leonard has over 10 years experience in the industry, including working on luxury cruise liners and in several European casinos. Unlike some casino event of companies who have limited or no experience, we’ve held over 2,000 events over the last 10 years, ensuring a professionally organised event that’s fun for everyone.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we have public liability cover up to $20 million. While it’s not compulsory for companies to have this level of cover, we maintain it for your peace of mind. If you were to go with a supplier that doesn’t have cover, you could end up liable if there’s an issue on the night.

Why would a person or Company choose Blackjack Nights rather than another company that might be less money?

The reason we’ve held over 2,000 events in Australia is that our clients know that the company they pick to hold the event is the most important decision they will make. We’ve had a number of clients that have tried another company for their special event to save a few dollars and it’s been a disaster. Why take a risk with a company that has shoddy casino equipment, doesn’t show up on time, or doesn’t have the same reputation and commitment to client satisfaction as Blackjack Nights.