Money back guarantee


Money back guarantee

It’s how serious we are about you having fun!

Take a moment to imagine your perfect party. What's the atmosphere? How is everyone feeling? What are they doing? Hold that thought for a moment.

Chances are you're picturing a whole lot of smiling faces. A room abuzz with fun and excitement, where you and everyone else are having the time of your lives. You're being bombarded left and right with people telling you this is the "best party ever", "it's amazing", "thank you!" and "we're having a ball!" And you're free to join in the fun and take those compliments, because someone else is taking care of entertaining everyone.

YOU CAN HAVE THAT PARTY with Blackjack Nights - in fact, we guarantee that "best party ever" buzz at your event.

That's a real guarantee by the way: it's not just a word we're throwing around. 100% money back, no gimmicks. That's how sure we are you and your guests will have the time of your lives with us providing the entertainment. You WILL get to have the party you just pictured.

What's the catch? There isn't one.

Really: there's no catch. Are we crazy? Sure – about helping you throw an amazing party! You can read over 450 unedited reviews from past customers who had their own unforgettable parties HERE and HERE to find out why we're so confident making this guarantee.

Full details are included in our event terms and conditions. So with nothing to lose, what are you waiting for? Contact us today using the form below and we’ll get started organising your amazing party.