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Poker Table Hire

Guaranteed fun and friendly competition

When it comes to excitement and a fun group experience, it’s hard to go past a poker table hire!

Make your event memorable with poker table hire

Poker table hire Poker table hire is perfectly suited to events where you want to have a good time at a more relaxed pace. The game is very engaging, but there’s also plenty of opportunity for drinks, food and small talk while you’re playing. Or trash talking, if that’s your thing!
By far the best way to go is to hire a table AND a dealer. That way they can take care of running the game for you, and do all the tricky bits like shuffling and splitting side pots. Which leaves you and your guests free to just enjoy the game and each others’ company!

Poker tournaments can be arrange for groups of all shapes and sizes – over the years we’ve run events for half a dozen people through to a few hundred. Or you can have poker as just one game alongside other casino favourites such as blackjack, roulette and big wheel to really build that fun casino, “best party ever” atmosphere!

”The staff were very friendly and were particularly helpful to those who weren’t sure how to play. The blackjack, poker and roulette tables we ordered looked very professional and made for a very impressive night.” Unknow Userstars

Alex, birthday party, Apr 2014

Poker in a nutshell

poker table hire brisbane Poker is a game with a long history – it was widespread and popular across the United States during the 1800s, and has continued to be played ever since. There are many different versions of poker. Five card draw is the one you’ve probably seen on Westerns and maybe even played yourself. But these days, Texas hold ‘em is by far the most popular variant. If you’ve seen poker on TV any time in the past decade, that’s almost certainly the game you saw.
Whichever version you play, all poker games are based on a standard hand ranking system. Players compete to make the best five-card hand they can. Hands include pairs, three of a kind, straights (five numbers in a row), flushes (five cards all the same suit), full houses (three of a kind plus a pair), four of a kind, and straight/royal flushes (five cards in a row AND all the same suit).
poker hand rankings At various points in each hand, the players make bets which the other players need to at least match if they want to stay in. These bets all go into a central “pot”. Whoever can make the best five-card hand once all the betting is done wins all the money in the pot, plus the bragging rights.
Of course, the players don’t know what cards their opponents are holding, and that’s where the fun begins! Some players may “bluff”, making a big bet in the hopes that their opponents will think they have a powerful hand when actually they don’t. Trying to work out whether your hand is better than your opponents, and if you should call or possibly even raise them, means friendly competition and laughs are all but assured!

Easy to learn and guaranteed fun