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Why not turn your upcoming event into a casino theme party for a night to remember?


With our authentic casino tables and high quality props for the finishing touches, Blackjack Nights has contributed to the success of hundreds of casino themed parties. They’re a sure-fire way to guarantee that staff, clients (and, of course, the host!) all have a great time.

Whatever the event or the occasion, coming up with party theme ideas can be a challenge. You want something that will capture people’s imaginations and get them excited about your event! But you also want something that’s going to be as easy as possible for you to organise. A themed casino party is a night everyone will remember!

Choosing a theme for your party

Choosing a casino theme party introduces a conversation starter and a bit of fun for your guests before the event even begins. Everyone loves to dress up, and with Blackjack Nights authentic casino tables and croupiers, and props including the red carpet and signage, your guests will really feel (and look) the part.

The other great thing about a fun casino party is that you can approach it from all kinds of different angles. Looking for a classy, black-tie affair? A James Bond themed Casino Royale party theme is a great way to go. If you want something more relaxed that your guests can really have some fun with, you can try a Vegas themed party. You can embrace old-school glamour with a 1920s themed party, the era of gangsters and flappers, the speakeasy and the Great Gatsby!

Whatever party theme ideas you want to go with, Blackjack Nights can help you. In addition to our fantastic-looking casino tables and our fun, friendly staff we have a wide range of theming and decoration packages that can help set the right tone for your party. From red carpet entrances to themed backdrops we’ll deliver just the wow factor you want for your guests!

What past customers have said…

“Hired Blackjack nights for a James Bond Casino Royale theme party for a 30th Birthday. Guests thoroughly enjoyed the tables, one even said it felt like they had been transported to Monaco! The tables looked amazing and the staff interacted well with the guest, adding to the theme. Would definitely use BJN for future events, was a lot of fun!”

Alyce Dunn

Viva Las Vegas Party

Casinos, bright lights, slot machines, showgirls, Elvis, the World Series of Poker… whatever you associate with Las Vegas, partying and good times are a universal theme! So why not embrace the Vegas spirit at your next party? Give your guests a taste of Viva Las Vegas!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – or at your Vegas themed party! Starting with the red carpet walk, followed by the famous Las Vegas welcome sign and Vegas showgirls greeting your guests as they walk through the door, a Blackjack Nights Vegas casino theme party will transport your guests directly to the glitz and glamour of Nevada’s most famous city.

The great thing about a Vegas party is that it gives your guests all sorts of options to dress the party – after all, Vegas means all sorts of things to different people! To some people it’s Hawaiian shirts, dark glasses and big drinks. To others it’s Elvis in a jumpsuit, or Hunter S Thompson, or Penn and Teller. Some people think of modern classics like The Hangover or Ocean’s Eleven. Everyone’s free to indulge whatever Vegas means to them at a Las Vegas themed party. Custom fun money with Vegas images can complete the look on what is always a fun spin on a corporate event.

It wouldn’t be Vegas without the casinos! Casino games are, of course, a huge party of the Las Vegas experience. They’re the glue that binds the whole thing together. And when you get the casino tables for your party from Blackjack Nights, you know that your guests will be walking away from the tables at the end of the night with great memories, not empty wallets!

Roulette, poker, blackjack and the big wheel are all hugely popular in Vegas, and they’re available for guests to play at your party too. Between our full size tables with genuine accessories and our fun, friendly staff your guests will be feeling like Vegas high rollers in no time.

We also have a full range of Las Vegas themed accessories to really make your Vegas party pop – red carpet entrances, bollards and red ropes, backdrops and signs are all options we can provide. We can design and print Vegas-themed invites to your party, and provide Las Vegas themed fun money on the night as well.

Casino Royale – James Bond 007 Night

Few characters and movie franchises have managed to capture our imaginations in the way James Bond has. So it’s little wonder that when it comes time to throw a fantastic party, many people quickly think of Agent 007 and are keen to have a 007 Bond themed event. Casino Royale theme party? Your move, Mr. Bond…

A Casino Royale theme party is a high-class affair – it calls for suits and black tie for the gentlemen, gowns and heels for the ladies. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for your guests to indulge in a little creativity! After all, Bond himself has changed a bit himself over the years.

There’s Sean Connery’s classic style. There’s the fabulous 70s fashions of the Roger Moore era, and the modern Daniel Craig era. Or your guests could take their cues from some of the many instantly recognizable Bond villains.

We’ve even seen some guests do an Austin Powers spoof – it’s your party so whatever works! These are just a few examples as there are a whole range of ways your guests can dress the part.

High roller tables and decorations to match! Along with the cars, gadgets and martinis, casinos are a regular feature in Bond films. 007’s original game of choice was actually baccarat, though he’s also shown to be an expert poker player in Daniel Craig’s first outing as the character in Casino Royale.

Host Your Bond 007 Themed Casino Party in Style

If your guests are going to get dressed up for your Casino Royale themed party, it’s only fitting that they have the best high-roller tables to play on! Blackjack Nights can provide tables fit for Bond himself to play on, with games including blackjack, roulette and poker.

We can also provide a range of theming and accessories to give your party just the right look. Give your guests the chance to show off their outfits as they walk down the red carpet entrance. Add a Casino Royale sign at the entrance to the room, or go with our Casino Royale backdrop to make a bold statement inside the party space. Top it off with Casino Royale theme party with customised Bond fun money, and even Bond-themed invitations. Your guests will think they really have joined Her Majesty’s Secret Service for the night!

We can even provide character actors to play James Bond girls and James Bond, as well as the glamorous Bond girls. Let us serve you up a great night of fun with the Casino Royale event at your next corporate function. Blackjack Nights can provide a full theming package for the event. This includes a red carpet entrance, Casino Royale signage and free standing Bond silhouettes. Using our extensive industry contacts, we can also source the additional finishing touches that would help to really “make” the event, including:

  • A “James Bond” character actor to meet and greet with the guests
  • A genuine, vintage Aston Martin car for extra “wow” factor in the entry foyer
  • A professional photographer to capture all the fun of the night
  • Additional theming for the venue

Gangsters and Flappers Party (Prohibition 1920-1930 era)

What do you think of when someone mentions the 1920s? If it’s pinstripe suits, hot jazz, the drinks, the dancing, speakeasies, gangsters and flappers, then a 1920s theme party is right up your alley! Recent TV series and movies such as Boardwalk Empire and Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby have introduced a whole new generation to the style, sounds and parties of the 1920s. It’s a great theme with a fun edge that can get all of your guests involved and in the mood.

Of course if you’re going to take your guests back to the 1920s, the era of gangsters and underground gin joints, then why not go all the way and give them their own private casino to play in too! Roulette and blackjack in particular were popular games at the time, as were craps and various forms of poker. Our tables (particularly our genuine ex-casino tables with brass footrails) will look the part and set the mood perfectly, as will our classy black-tie croupiers.

We can also provide a range of props to set the mood, including the red carpet entrance for everyone to show off their outfits as they enter. We have casino signage, and our 1920s gangster backdrop is great for theming the event space, as well as taking photos in front of. Everything you need for a great gangster 1920 theme party.

You can host a 1920s theme party at home, or at an external venue – we’ll bring everything to you in either case. We’ll also provide customised fun money, the winner’s trophy, and we can even do the invites for you if you like. So if you want to treat your guests with a theme that’s sure to impress, one that gives them the chance to kick up their heels and show off their style, a 1920s theme party could be just the answer!

Another popular casino party hire theme is the Gangsters and Flappers party – think speakeasies, 1920s parties, Al Capone, St Valentine’s Day massacre, prohibition, gangsters and molls, flapper outfits, Great Gatsby. There’s nothing quite like reliving the Roaring 20s (especially if you’re not old enough to remember it!) than with a fun casino theme.

Blackjack Nights provides the setting with our roulette wheels, blackjack and poker tables and professional croupiers to ensure that the casino goes off without a hitch. We can provide character actors to meet and greet your guests and give the event a real underground “gangster” feel. Feel free to contact us for advice, even on costume supply and fancy dress for your gangsters and molls.

So dust off your hats, two-toned shoes and flapper outfits – you supply the costumes and we’ll supply the entertainment.

Managed to the last detail!

Making your next corporate function truly memorable and exciting requires genuine flair, creativity and professionalism. Blackjack Nights fun casino hire will help you come up with unique ideas for your special event – if required, we can manage your whole event down to the smallest detail.

Whether you pick your own theme or you use one of the ideas above, our aim is to create a themed casino event that will exceed your expectations and make the event a night to remember for your staff and clients. We can help with concept and design, casino signs, costumes, unique and distinctive centerpieces, additional entertainment and audiovisual – contact us today to discuss your next function.

We can help turn a plain room into a place from another world through our creative designs and concepts. Your event suddenly becomes exhilarating and compelling, something your guests will be talking about for months afterwards.

In addition to our casino-grade equipment and experienced and friendly dealers, our theme packages add a touch of color and spice to the party. If you are looking for something unique, 21st birthday themes, then go no further than Blackjack Nights.