Hens Night Games

Top Hens Night Games

Is your best friend or sister getting hitched? Are you in charge of planning the hen night? Yikes! Where do you start? A hen party is commonly a fun-filled, crazy night out on the town for all the girls, to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last night of being single. Although not always held the night just before the wedding, this age old tradition is still observed all over the world, where the bride is showered with gifts, dressed up, and becomes the focus of various games and hilarious activities. So, here is a great place to start – with the entertainment!

But, what hens night games can you play? Well, there are plenty of interesting choices that you can enjoy with champagne and laughter that will suit any kind of friends, family and age group, from the reserved afternoon tea, to the slightly wild club style party. Here is a comprehensive list of naughty and nice entertainment to get you going:

Post It Notes Memory Game

This is a great game that you can use for any hen night, at any time in the evening and all you will need are some post it notes or pieces of paper, and pens. You can play this game anywhere you are, even in your rented hummer on the way to the club.

Ok, so the best way to play this game is to give everyone a post it note or decorated theme specific card that they will use to write down something memorable about the bride-to-be and place it into a box or container of sorts. This can be funny anecdote about the bride, a special story, or a warm memory. No one must read each other notes and the bride must not know what each person has written. The bride-to-be, at a certain point in the evening, will read the notes out one at a time and try to guess who wrote them. If she guesses incorrectly, she has to down a shot of some liqueur! Aside from being a hilarious game, where certain stories about the bride-to-be are revealed, but it is also a great way of creating a memory book that can be given to her as a keepsake afterwards. What’s great about this game is that it can be played anywhere and at any point in the evening, even as a filler game between other types of entertainment.


Toilet Paper Design a Wedding Gown Challenge

Wedding dress made of toilet paperThis is an old favourite that most people include at a hen night and all you need to play are rolls of toilet paper and your imagination.  Inspiration from The Knot

The toilet paper wedding gown design game is old favourite and involves splitting up your hens into groups of about 4 or 5, depending on how many guests you have. One person in each group is the model and the others are the designers. The game is to create a one of a kind, couture, designer wedding gown using only toilet paper. Yes, that’s right, only toilet paper! This gets everyone’s creative juices flowing and can be quite humorous as some designs can be downright ridiculous. You can choose a time limit of 15 or 20 minutes or even half an hour, to give everyone plenty of time to come up with a dazzling design. Then, you hold a mini fashion show for the bride-to-be who gets to judge which design is the best and the winner receives a prize. Another version of this game is to design a bouquet out of toilet paper and tissues which the bride-to-be normally carries for her wedding rehearsal dinner.

Stripper Party

So this speaks for itself, and is something that most women will love. Hire a stripper or two and let the evening unfold as it may.

Ok, so this isn’t the most unique idea ever, but it still goes down like a bomb! Ladies love a little attention and what better way to get their hearts racing, than to have a sexy male stripper giving them a private show. These stripper parties can be private affairs, where the stripper commonly comes to the house dressed up as a policeman complaining of noise or something similar in order to trick the women. Stripper parties can also be held at male strip clubs where a private room can be booked out for these kinds of special functions. During the evening, other smaller games like the Post It Notes Memory Game and other quiz or drinking games can be played.

Pole Dancing or Strip Tease Lessons

This is an interesting twist on the stripper idea that more women will be comfortable with than a male stripper. The evening’s entertainment actually includes all the hens and gets your blood pumping, plus you are taught some neat little tricks in the process.

This is a brilliant idea that all the guests will love, and gives them some awesome moves that they can use on their own partners or spouses. Pole dancing is a relatively new craze that has been well popularised by fitness fundi’s all over the world. There is no longer the negative stigma attached to pole dancing than there used to be, so what better way to enjoy a fun filled night with the girls than by teaching them some sexy pole dancing moves. The entertainers come with portable poles so you can hire them to come to your venue. Another similar option that you can integrate into this is a strip tease party, where a strip tease erotic dance expert comes and teaches everyone some sexy, come hither dance moves that they can all use later on and that the bride-to-be can use on her honeymoon.

Sexy Lingerie Party

Another great party idea where you can sit back and relax is to have a sexy lingerie party, where a hostess will come and show all the women some pretty, sexy lingerie items, also teaching them exactly how to dress for their body types.

This is a little more conservative than a strip tease party, but just as fun. Hiring someone to host a lingerie party can be highly entertaining and gives the bride-to-be some flirty, sexy options for honeymoon bedroom attire. The host will come with plenty of options that will suit everyone’s body type and she will show you exactly what types of lingerie items you can pull off. Aside from the fun aspect, this is a great way to get everyone to be more open minded about their bodies and it gives all your guests a little bit of a confidence boost too. You will definitely have all your guests giggling with delight. As the evening progresses you can include some of the other party games too, to keep things interesting, and at the end of the night, the bride’s favourite lingerie choice can be given to her as a wedding night gift.


Spot Your Charade

This is a fun modern twist on an old game that everyone loves to play, charades! It is a great game for any evening in, but for a hen party you can have even more fun, as the little spin you put on the game will get everyone acting silly. It lasts for a few rounds so is perfect to include for any girly pre wedding event.

Kissing the photo

Here’s how it works. You split up the guests into two even numbered groups. Then you get one group of gals to think of a charade and write it down on two strips of paper that are placed into two separate bowls or separate piles. Each bowl is tossed up to mix the strips and then these are passed around to each person in each group. Then everyone must stand up and act out their charade at the same time to everyone else in the other group. This must be done in silence, which can be a challenge in itself, but the main challenge is to try and find the person in the other group who is acting out the same charade as yours. Once you have found that person, you must silently signal to each other and then sit down. The game continues until the last two people are standing and these people are then out of the game. New charades are selected from the bowl, and the next round commences. The last two people left at the end of the game are declared the winners.

Scavenger Hunt or “Amazing Race” Style Party

This is a great game that you can include at any venue and one that will keep the guests entertained for ages, plus instilling a few laughs along the way, as your “treasures” or “check point rewards” can be very naughty ones indeed.

This can be a great event for any hen weekend or evening, where an elaborate hunt is created that takes the party goers on an adventure through their town or just of the venue they are at. You can hide clues around the venue that leads everyone to the next clue, and at each clue site you can require the guests to perform a funny action or task, or down a shot. This can get very interesting and very hilarious as you can get strangers involved in giving clues, such as the local bartender. If you are out at a club venue, the scavenger hunt can take place there in a slightly different format, where riddles are given out from your table and you have to find the answers somewhere in the club, which you then write down on your clue sheet. Whoever solves all the riddles wins!

Casino Party

If you want to sit back and relax and enjoy the fun, a casino party is the way to go. With this party, casino operators will come in and set everything up, explain the games and run the entire evening for you. Why should the boys have all the fun? Casino parties are perfect for the ladies too!

You can enjoy the rush of the roulette table, the excitement of winning at blackjack, and learn how to play something new like Roulette or Poker. A casino party comes with dealers who will set everything up and make your house or venue look just like a mini casino. You can even have the themed evening – hey if you can’t get married in Vegas then bring Vegas to you! Go one step further and get everyone to dress up in a theme eg 1920’ gangsters and flappers. The staff will teach everyone how the games work and the entire evening is organised so that everyone gets a turn to play every game. Additionally, there is lots of free time to have a drink and socialise in between, plus at the end of the night, there is a trophy for the winner of the most chips. For a highly prestigious, exciting evening, filled with laughter, fun and friendly competition, hire a casino party!

These are just a few great games and themes that you can choose from, and as you can see, with these hens night games and entertainment options, you can create a truly interesting, exciting and memorable party that will work for your specific group and that will be well suited to your bride-to-be.